UNUM Creations is a two year old company started in early 2004. It has been in formal existence for less than a year under the name UNUM Film Creations Pvt. Ltd. Its goal is simply to produce socially conscious and commercially feasible television entertainment in India starting in a regional language and broaden to include the rest of India. The first production is a serial on Gemini Television in Telugu under the title “Toorpu Padamara”.

The entertainment is based on strong content with social benefits for family viewing. The pace is suitable to gradually declining attention span of the viewers where the lags are eliminated without sacrificing the strength of the content. UNUM depends on strong technical talent that is suited for the content. Cast is carefully chosen to fulfill the mission. Team work is the name of the game and those that don’t fit are bypassed.

The founders, Rao Chalasani and Purna Chalasani, live in the U.S., Rao Chalasani was a well recognized Wall Street veteran for 25 years. He was the chief investment strategist of First Union Securities (later renamed Wachovia Securities) and was regular on national TV and press commenting on the economy and financial markets. Rao decided to spend most of his time on India related causes and left Wall Street on August 15, 2000. Purna Chalasani is a physician and works as a Psychiatrist. She actively supports Rao in his endeavors to promote India related projects. UNUM Creations draws volunteer help in developing the content and infrastructure. UNUM owes gratitude to several good hearted people helping in India related projects.